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The Dream. A sector-wide broadcast event featuring death, gore, and everything in between. Players run through room after room of corporate branded murder. The prize? Any wish you desire within the major four corporations power to grant. 

“We give you every opportunity to get through The Dream, you can purchase every tool and we even give you the power of cloning technology to give you your best shot at turning your life around!"

The four corporate sponsors, Starpoly Strategic, The Toil & Trouble Collective, Sineto Chem Solutions, and JEXIFLEBRO Capital all outwardly work together to guarantee the prize wish but are privately playing their own game, in hopes of getting their own wish from The Dream's mysterious founder, Cornelia.

What's in the Module?

  • 50 pages of a satirical & deadly competition. Die several times thanks to cloning technology! Compatible with Mothership 1e!
  •  Over 20 Deadly Traps as part of The Dream or to plop into your own game
  • 20 Sponsored Rebrands adding modular effects to each area, some beneficial and some detrimental
  • 4 Corporate Sponsors, their representatives, and what they want from The Dream and its founder Cornelia
  • A backdrop of the city of Salnati on the planet Dalmorus VIII, where the games are hosted and the salt mines and resentments run deep

Creative Team

  • Tim- Writing/Design Twitter
  • Matthew K- Copy Editing/Developmental Editing/Proofreading Twitter
  • Bordercholly- Art Twitter
  • Spencer Campbell- Writing Twitter
  • Micah Anderson- Layout Twitter

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CategoryPhysical game
Release date Feb 01, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorTim Obermueller
GenreRole Playing
TagsCreepy, Dungeon Crawler, Horror, Itch Funding, mothership, Sci-fi, Space, Tabletop role-playing game, zimo2022
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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Have orders been sent yet? I got an email on 10/20 saying my order is on the way, but it's still in pre-shipment for USPS according to the tracking number. I'm guessing that just labels were created and shipment hasn't actually started?

Let me investigate this. I'll DM you if I need any more info from you. Thanks!

@Tim, Did you find anything out? Still haven't gotten anything.

I have also experienced this and came here to see if there was an update. Thank you!

I also sent an email the other day to 

info@floatingchair.club about the shipment and still no word.

They are best reached through Twitter usually. Last I heard, they were looking at this week

I'm actually having trouble finding you. Could you DM me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TimObermueller) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/timobermuellergames)?

Deleted 80 days ago

Yes, thanks.

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Hi Tim, any canche for Late Pledge to get Physical copy of Hose Always Wins?, Thanks

Should be available at Exalted Funeral and Floating Chair soon.

Right this instant, only available at Spear Witch: https://spearwitch.com/products/the-house-always-wins


I'm late to the party apparently. Please let me know how I can get a part of this awesomeness!


Game found preorders coming soon!

Here you go! https://gamefound.com/projects/tim-obermueller/the-house-always-wins

Awesome thank you so much!


I thought that I had backed this and apparently it slipped through the cracks (honestly so many amazing looking Mothership projects out there right now it’s hard to keep track!), is there going to be any option for late backers?

There will be something through Gamefound in the next couple weeks. I'll try to remember to post link here for you


Thank you so much!

Link here: https://twitter.com/timmy1990may/status/1522323740872347648?s=20&t=17xulwQjhfRF5...


I missed it as well and would love to be notified!

And for you! https://gamefound.com/projects/tim-obermueller/the-house-always-wins


Same here, would love to be notified!

And a notification for you! https://gamefound.com/projects/tim-obermueller/the-house-always-wins

Here you go! https://gamefound.com/projects/tim-obermueller/the-house-always-wins

Thank you so much!

@Tim - I didn't think I had backed(I somehow missed the "You own this zine") and so I ended up backing a second time. I backed at the THAW level both times. If I could, I guess it might be easier if I just get upgraded to Super Sponsor. I could Paypal you the additional $25. I backed the Burning of Carbex KS, so I've got the PDF already and a having the physical version would be pretty cool.

That works for me, in general, DMing me on Twitter @timmy1990may works best or through my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/timobermuellergames

If that doesn't work let me know

Very excited about this! Looks like I did the same thing as someone above -- I clicked PDF and changed the price to $15 there. I'm sure it'll get sorted out...sorry about that.

Deleted 355 days ago

Backed, this looks awesome and I hope you get all your stretchgoals!

Thanks for your support! That would be great to make them all

Hi Tim! Looks like a great project! I clicked on the PDF only button because that was at the top of the page. Then I saw the other options at the bottom of the page. I'd like to upgrade to the Print/PDF version but I can't see anyway to do that except buying again at that level. Any other options?

Not seeing any way to do that on itch, unfortunately! DM me on Twitter and you could send me $6 through Paypal?


You know, I'll just support it twice! It's a worthy cause!


Thanks a bunch! I can put your first pledge against your shipping costs if that's okay?

If it's not too much extra work for you, sure. Thanks.