The House Always Wins is go for launch!

Check out our rewards (especially excited about the dice bag)

Campaign & Rewards

This project will be funding from Feb 1 to Feb 22 and is expected to deliver to backers in September 2022.

$9 PDF  - PDF of THAW

$15 Print & PDF   - PDF & 5.5" x 8.5" Book

$36 Sponsor - PDF, Book, Dice Bag, 1.5" Coin  

$55 Super Sponsor - Above Rewards + PDF & Physical Book of The Burning of Carbex

$150 The House- Above Rewards + I will run a Mothership module of your choice for up to 4 players. Please note I live in GMT -6

Thanks for supporting me and this project!

Get The House Always Wins- Compatible with the Mothership SciFi Horror RPG

Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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